Contentio – 60 Seconds Solution to High Quality Content



YouTube offers an amazing opportunity with their Closed Caption system that allows content creators to source high quality content.

But Here’s the problem:

  • Finding GREAT content is not easy!
  • Converting Closed captions to content is not easy
  • Even then – The content isn’t unique (And what happens to the traffic?)

After spending 6 months in rigorous development and testing – we finally found a way to generate unique, high-quality content in less than 60 seconds!

After spending 6 months in regorous development and testing – Neil Napier finally found a way to generate unique, high – quality content in less than 60 seconds!

Introducing Contentio – 60 seconds Solution to High-Quality Content:

Contentio is a software with high quality features that helps users to get high authority content from YouTube videos, spin the content to make unlimited unique variations and post content and syndicate around-the web.

Contentio’s Key Features:

Quick Convert: Convert Any YouTube video into your blog post, in less than 60 secs.

Keyword Linking: Link Specific keywords throughout the blog

Quick Details: Word Count and reading time preview helps you ensure that the post is not too long nor too small for your readers.

Instant Images + YouZign Integration: YouTube thumbnail automatically added to the post. (Use YouZign? Replace it with your YouZign graphics. YES – we integrate with YouZign.)

Instant Call to Actions: Add Text call to action right at the end of your post.

In-Built Content Spinning: Spin the content and get the most unique version of it

How Does Contentio Work?

Contentio has been created for You – so you can create lead magnets, blog posts and courses to sell quickly!

Neil use it daily for JobRack Marketing and strongly recommend anyone who is serious about growing a Google-friendly business.

Exclusive Bonuses Of Contentio:

Final verdict – Your Turn!

Ranking high in Google with SEO Optimized content and create Lead Magnets, Blog Posts, Online Course Without Spending a Single Cent.

All of these will be included in just one product and in a very cheap price right now!

Take it or you will regret about it!!

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